Any company which operates in the present needs to be a digital company. The only problem, becoming digital is getting increasingly difficult due to the jungle of tools, providers and abbreviations that could mean anything. 

At 9 Bar Digital we use our nerdy-ness to help you understand your needs and implement the best solution. 

Want to know how… Find out below.

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Axel van Kesteren

Ax Specialty Coffee

I came to 9 Bar Digital with the idea of starting my own specialty coffee bar. There was no building, there was no machine and there were definitely no customers yet. The day after I chose the name for my bar, 9Bar bought the domain and the website was live the same day. Nothing fancy, nothing elaborate, just a plain and simple site.

Oh, and while they were at it, they designed my logo, created some instagram posts and helped me with a style guide and color scheme.

Moyee Coffee
We run all things digital... We manage all sites, for multiple countries with multiple webshops and many existing customers. Next to that a blockchain platform needs to be integrated.
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Oker FIlmcoaching
The content is pretty basic but the style, the flow and the creativity needed to represent the owners of Oker. Ask them if it succeeded.
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Ax Specialty Coffee
One running site, with a logo and extra designwork. Extra hot.. Coming right up.
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The Other Bar
A website and webshop for a chocolate bar, developed by the UN and the FairChain Foundation. Covered in the New York Times, The Washington Post and many others.
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Stichting Twisted
A full blown website with multiple pages, a ton of content and a reputation that needed to be upheld. Not the most flashy website but functional AF.
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A complete website showing off the identity of the company and the team. With many different products and programmes, the templatized approach made sure the process became easier and smoother.
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The Hub Tree
For now, a temporary landingpage to capture leads. In the future , a data backed recruitment agency for data scientists.
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De Slagersdochter
A Haarlem based butchers shop where meat is not the only thing they sell. Starting out with a website, we are looking to upgrade to a webshop soon.
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Building sites

Do you want a website and do you want it fast? Get in touch with me and we'll figure out what you want, what you need and how we can do it as cheap as possible.

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Going Digital

As a company you need to become more digital to keep up with the 'rest'. Tech can be intimidating but we will take you by the hand and show you the world. Shining, shimmering, splendid.

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Tech Consultancy

Do you have a tech guy (that one person you call a nerd behind her or his back) then you don't need us working for you . You need us working with them. We'll do just that.

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